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Name:Share The Love
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Community description:A fandom-friendly giveaway promotion community.
The title of the comm and the community description pretty much say it all, but:

If you read, or watched, or listened to something that you loved and if you want others to share in that love, this is the community for you. Simply put: if you are planning on doing a giveaway, you should pimp it here!


1) This will be an open community, but it should still be a positive and safe place. If anyone is found to be disrupting that, prepare to face consequences.

2) These rules are subject to revision. If I do so, I'll tell you and post the old and new rules for comparison. If you have comments or changes to propose, please do so!

3) You can host your giveaways on your own DW, or LJ, or website, or you can host them here.

4) Including your reasons for doing the giveaway, a link (if applicable), your deadline and any conditions that might apply (such as whether you'll ship internationally or only to certain countries) in your giveaway post would be great. :)

5) Contests are cool too, as long as there's a prize of some sort and you're doing it to share the love. ♥

6) Keep the tags simple, but useful: giveaway, books, contest - you get the idea.

7) Please keep the giveaways fair and honest. Failing to fulfill your commitment or using sockpuppet accounts will lead to a warning - at the very least.

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